Annual Yard Sale Donations

NLBM Yard Sale 1

The Annual Yard Sale is one of the museum’s largest fundraisers–and the best place to find a bargain on Nantucket.
People always ask us, “Where do you get all this great stuff?” The answer is: from you!

Summer residents, year ’rounders, renters, homeowners–are you downsizing, upgrading, selling or buying a home, looking to get rid of your extra stuff and make a difference to a local non profit? Consider donating to the Nantucket Lightship Basket Museum’s Annual Yard Sale. You get a tax deduction for the items we take.

How does it work? Please contact us at with the items you have for donation, where they are located, and what your time frame is. Pictures are a huge help as we are a small operation and most of this work is done by volunteers. We will schedule a time to look at the items and arrange for our volunteer crew to pick up items accepted for donation.

From one piece of furniture to the contents of an entire house–no job too big or too small.

Is there anything we don’t take?
All items must be in good condition. We do not take large appliances like refrigerators or ovens (contact Nantucket Habitat for Humanity ). We do not take mattresses, bed pillows, or cribs.

Thank you for your support!